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Harmony announces the next public session of the acclaimed Coaching Clinic
will take place on November 19 & 20, 2015 in Memphis TN. 
Go to here for more information or to register.


Harmony. It’s what we’re about.

Harmony Coaching & Consulting is more than a name. Its a philosophy and an outcome based on meeting and solving challenges.

How do we bring Harmony to your organization? By identifying potential "problem areas" common to many companies, and providing concrete solutions. Here are a just a few of the challenges we can help solve.


Harmony's Solution

Lack of bench strength in a company's leadership line up

Harmony helps to grow leadership talent internally so they promote from within and reduce recruiting costs and increase employee engagement

New Executives/Leaders with long learning curves in new position

Harmony assists with accelerating the learning curve

No or Few HR processes and procedures

Harmony designs processes and procedures that ensure compliance, reduce risk, increase employee self reliance and increase employee engagement

Low Productivity

Harmony helps increase productivity and engagement through the development and execution of good management and leadership practices

Team not functioning at capacity

Via team effectiveness programs, Harmony works to increase trust, commitment, healthy conflict and accountability
Harmony Maximizing

Oftentimes, companies aren't aware of problems until it's too late. Harmony helps you avoid these issues before they become costly and time consuming.

Let Harmony Coaching & Consulting help you create true harmony within your organization by maximizing the human talent present in your company.

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Corporate Coach U
Society for Human Resources
Interational Coach Federation
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